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Jaisalmer owns its historical importance and wealth from being a major stopover along the classic caravan roads between India and Persia, Arabia and Occident. In Rajasthan, away from the three colorful cities and close to the Pakistan borders, the city of Jaisalmer is like taking a step back in time and remains a major touristical destination...an absolute must!
Killa Bhawan Hotel.Jaisalmer fort.Jaisalmer fort.Maharaja Mahal.Maharaja Mahal.Maharaja Mahal.Maharaja Mahal.Maharaja Mahal.Jaisalmer fort.The city of Jaisalmer.Jaisalmer fort.The city of Jaisalmer.The city of Jaisalmer.Fort of Jaisalmer.Patwa Ki Haveli.Patwa Ki Haveli.Patwa Ki Haveli.Patwa Ki Haveli.Patwa Ki Haveli.The city of Jaisalmer.