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In 1973, Suntory built its second distillery in Hakushu to commemorate 50 years of whisky making. Known as the  " Forest Distillery", Hakushu is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level amkyoto streetsMike MIYAMOTO, General manager and Suntory Ambassador, standing proudly at Ojira river, considered one of Japan's 100 most exceptional sources of water.After 2 and half years of research, Keizo SAJI,gion districtNazenji TempleAmazingly, the distillery is located in the heart of Yamazaki small city. Few minutes of walk from the train station.Tokyo Midtown garden playgroundTokyo from the skyShibuya districtShibuya districtTokyo from the skyHighball draft of Suntory WhiskyFamous Shinkansen in TokyoEndless Tokyo horizon from the Park Hyatt hotel.Akihabara districtAkihabara districtGolden Gai, Shinjuku's concentrated drinking district.Over 200 minuscule drinking dens are crammed into four little streets.Akihabara districtShinjuku districtThe grist of malt is mixed with the hot " mother " water at the ideal temperature of 63, 5 ° during 8 hours in the mash tun.The fermentation process converts the starch into sugar. This is then filter